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Our New Products Emerge at HKEF 2010(Spring Edition)
During Apr.13th and 16th, our brand-new product, Mini DVR WS-MD6 and other novel products, made their debut at HKEF 2010(Spring Edition) which was held at Hong Kong Conference & Exhibition Center.
WS-MD6, a mid to high-end miniature DVR, well takes its aim at market demand. Small but multifunctional, its wide applications in recording such as surveillance, travel driving, justifying materials as well as photography not just greatly facilitate but also boost the security and joy of people’s life .
In this period, most of our specimens caught the attention of the attendees and won their hearts, particularly DVR of H.264 compression and Mini DV, which led to numerous initial cooperative intentions.


Photo 1: customers and our staff


Photo 2: our booth



Photo 3: talking and negotiating


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